AQA Voice

Something to shout about

One of our favourite projects here at Yellowdot Towers is the quarterly design and production of AQA’s Voice magazine.

Whilst the subject matter is fascinating in itself, the challenge is to take that and design a visually strong and coherent publication – with no restrictions on the form of creative solution used, be it illustration, photography, graphic device or otherwise.

As the AQA brand identity offers a wide range of colours, there’s tremendous scope as to how we approach each edition. It’s most rewarding to know that the audience appears to enjoy it as much as we do.

“As always its been a dream to work with Yellowdot on the delivery of Voice. It amazes me how you can take a few word documents and turn them into the beautiful and valuable piece of literature that is Voice. The magazine is extremely well received by teachers and it’s look and feel is in no way a small part of that”

Marketing Dept. AQA