Get Off Auto

Logo identity and support collateral

The brief was to create a logo for this new online photographic business, ideally combining some reference to the owners labrador dog ‘Ya Ya’ (aka Ya Ya the photolab – geddit?).

A simple line illustration combining Ya Ya and a camera did the job, and this in turn provided a strong brand consistency across the range of Expert Guide documents being sold.

“Coming up with a ‘handle’ for one’s website is tricky enough (how do a bunch of words look when joined together?!), but when it comes to doing a logo, well that’s beyond my pay grade. Yellowdot not only came up with a funky logo but they melded my random musings into readable and understandable PDFs. Without their input I’d’ve continued to wander aimlessly along, succeeding in only wasting time, effort and money. More power to Jeremy and his team!”