We have a theory that business people – even very serious ones – are, underneath it all, human beings. In the evenings they watch telly. At weekends they perhaps go to the DIY suuperstore and later on, socialise. They have a sense of humour and (especially being British), can enjoy the quirky and irreverent.

So why is so much B2B marketing as dull as ditchwater?

Pension Fund management is not to be taken lightly. But talking about it needn’t be dreary. Hence our friendly and frankly lightweight awareness campaign, using specially-wrapped chocolate biscuits (possibly the most welcome piece of Direct Mail in the post that week) and an advertising tone which stood out from the pages.

Result? Awareness and membership increases which more than justify the cost of the campaign.

“Yellowdot came up with a fantastic concept for us that showed real creative flair and gave us the attention grabbing campaign that we were after in attracting new members to Club Vita. What we really wanted was ‘conversation starter’, and the results have been fantastic – after all who can say no to chocolate biscuits!”