Christmas 2018

Christmas 2018 – A success story

Having been down the Christmas e-card route in recent years (a green option but instantly forgettable – if seen at all) we have now reverted to the more traditional custom of sending a physical card. Yes there’s the production and postage costs to pay, but you’re getting the once-a-year opportunity to have a piece of direct marketing sitting on your clients desk for the best part of a month. After all, who throws away a Christmas card upon receipt? Make it interesting, and their colleagues might take a look as well…
So we struck upon the idea of a Christmas ‘cootie catcher’. The name was a surprise to us too, and actually originates from the game played with such pieces to pick lice from children’s hair – mmmmm, nice.
We gathered a collection of the best (worst!) Christmas cracker jokes along with some fascinating festive facts, created illustrations for each to fit the unusual format, and sourced some perfectly sized square envelopes – Yellow for extra impact of course.
The format was a massive hit with our audience, and feedback rolled in. One client was delighted that his two grandsons would be ‘besides themselves with mirth’ at granddad’s string of wit, whilst many replied how this had taken them straight back to their schooldays, including one from Germany who added ‘what a funny flashback to my childhood, we used to build hundreds of them’.
Since then, and on account of this, we’ve picked up a project based on exactly the same format, albeit in a direct marketing not festive capacity.
All in all this has proved a very successful project, the question now being, how can we follow that this year?

Christmas cootie catcher