“Remind IFA’s (financial advisers) that we offer good service”. Not necessarily a brief to start dreams of ground-breaking strategy or creative awards. After all, who doesn’t offer good service? (OK, there’s one or two firms out there…) But it is supposed to be something which everyone does these days. You kind of expect it. And it isn’t very tangible, is it?

But in financial services, it really is important. So we needed a simple, engaging idea which we could serve up across all media. Something which would score points. Something which would be a smash…our reinvention of the classic 70’s computer tennis game, based on animation of the LV= logo, has now been played thousands of times in IFA’s offices. Have a go!

The tennis balls bearing the legend “Speed – Accuracy – Reliability” have been cheerfully hurled around those offices too. When the FT came to publish our ads, they complained that we’d achieved twice the impact for half the (paid-for) space.

“When it comes to needing an agency to create innovative Direct Marketing campaigns, Yellowdot are always my first call. They have developed a series of successful projects, with quite remarkable response rates of over 20% on occasions.”

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