Opera Loki


One of our charitable projects each year is the creation of a poster (along with all associated collateral) for the successful Opera Loki opera group. Their most recent production was Don Giovanni set in the 1970’s. It’s raunchy and bloody story thrilled audiences across the south, culminating at Covent Garden.

It was great to see our striking poster proudly displayed in the famous piazza.

“We have worked with Jeremy and his amazing team for nearly 10 years. Year on year they have delivered bold, engaging and effective designs that have completely delivered our brief. Our measurement of success is simple: a full house across all our venues and without fail the creativity of the team at Yellowdot has achieved this. Last year was the pièce de résistance for our debut performance in the West End with a design filling Covent Garden with its exuberance. But the wow factor isn’t just the design work – it’s the people. Jeremy especially but he makes sure his positive attitude and ethos carries through to his team too, as Caroline and Kevin show to perfection. Exemplary client care seems an understatement for what they offer and we hope to continue this creative and rewarding relationship for the future.”

Artistic Director, Opera Loki